Adaptive Products


People always wonder how we adapt our house, and the answer is, plenty of step stools! Haha! All of these products are easy to buy on amazon and things that have made my daily life just a little bit easier!

  1. Like I said step stools are key, since we use so many I have my favorites for different tasks. I love this Ikea Bekvam Step Stool I have it in our kitchen and it blends in well with our black cabinets and is super sturdy so I feel safe when I am reaching to grab a glass or handling a hot plate. You have to put it together but I love it because I don’t have to have a big plastic stool in our kitchen
  2. We have so many of these Jeronic Plastic Folding Step Stool . They are awesome because they are super light, and fold up to be super thin! Andrew throws this in his backpack on a long day of school and  I keep one in my car for errands! Love them!
  3. I am not a big fan of the typical plastic step stool and that’s why I fell in love with this Ikea Masterby Step Stool.  It has a little funk in the design and is made of sturdy plastic that is light to move!
  4. I love this cute Seville Classics Canvas Laundry Hamper  I was looking for something with wheels that was easy to move about and this was perfect! I struggle carrying the laundry basket when its full (which is often around here) but didn’t want to sacrifice style. I love the rustic vibe it gives our bedroom!
  5. Grocery Shopping err… Not one of my favorite chores but with this Whitmore Deluxe Rolling Utility Cart it has made is SO much easier! I love that it is low and I just grab it out of my back seat and go!
  6.  Even though I try to keep most things on my level there are still those situations where I need to grab a stool or this handy Ettore Grab’n Grip to help me get my hands on some things. It works great for all of my needs!
  7.  Vacuuming another fun house chore.. Not! But with this Dyson Cord Free Vacuum it has made it much less of a hassle for me! Its light, picks up everything, and I can easily carry it around the house anywhere!
  8.  This OXO Good Grips Sweep Set is great and it is adjustable so when my sweet mother comes over to help me clean it extends to her height as well!
  9.  Lastly I love this Bona Hardwood Floor System because the mop in this set is adjustable as well and it has a microfiber cloth at the bottom so not only can I clean my floors comfortably but I use it for the showers and windows!


These are some of my favorite items that have adapted my world to make it work. I would love to hear from you! What works for you?