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New Puppy Checklist

Getting a puppy was 100% my idea! Andrew was on board but tentative about the timing since I was still recovering from spinal surgery and all!

New Puppy Checklist

I knew I needed to get all the details worked out before we talked about it so I did all of my pre-shopping on Amazon because they have amazing prices, which was good for our budget, and it comes in TWO days! When I was shopping I knew our budget could only handle the essentials but I wanted stuff that was stylish too! I love this stuff and wanted to share it with you guys! So if you are looking at getting a new puppy soon or just need new dog stuff here is what I found!

New Puppy Checklist

  1. Everyone told us that this Wire Puppy Crate was ESSENTIAL because crate training was the ONLY way to go! I had no idea what they exactly meant but this crate has been a lifesaver for us and made potty training a lot easier! We keep it in our living room where I work and he loves it! I can throw him in there when I’m getting stuff done or leave the house and know he feels safe and can’t get into any trouble! Also, they are pretty cheap and fold up to nothing, which makes them perfect for storing for traveling!
  2. I saw these Blue & White Striped Puppy Pads on the Today Show and loved the cute patterns and how affordable they are! They come in a lot of different great fabrics and a few different sizes to put in bottom of the crate! The best thing is they are machine washable and easy to clean!
  3. These are the absolute cutest Woof & Gulp Food Bowls! Every dog eats a little different type of dog food. I don’t feel qualified to recommend any specific food, Louie eats Taste of the Wild Puppy Food and loves it but I know some dogs don’t. All dogs eat though and need bowls!
    •  For traveling these Collapsible Travel Bowls are the best! They are easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to throw in your bag on the go! What more could you ask for?
  4. We got a Green Polyester Nylon Dog Collar before we got Louie. I wanted something soft because he was so small but sturdy. I found this collar and a matching Basic 4ft. Leash on amazon and love the material, its super comfortable for him and I can easily wash it!
  5. The waste essentials, Earth Rated Waste Bag Dispenser is perfect, we keep it hooked on our leash and always have bags with us. Then we went crazy and bought all the Earth Rated Waste Bags we could ever need in bulk to save some money. For grooming tools we got this Earthbath Puppy Shampoo,  a great Pet Grooming Brush and Pet Nail Clippers. So far Louie is terrified of all things grooming so we are doing most of it at home!
  6. Louie loves to play all day every day! We only have a few toys but he absolutely loves these! The breeder recommended getting him stuffed toy to sleep put in his kennel the first few nights to cuddle with which was the best IDEA! He loves this Moose Cozie Dog Toy and carries it around with him wherever he goes! His love to play some tug-of-war with this Rope Toy  and also loves anything that squeaks like this Duckie Dog Toy.
    • Not pictured is this knitted frisbee we found it lying around the house from our pre-puppy days, it’s a little big for him to carry yet but his new favorite game is fetch!



We are giving away a bundle of Louie’s 3 favorite toys (new of course) to your favorite pup!

To enter: Tag a friend on Facebook or Instagram that is getting a new puppy or just loves their dog as much as we do!

For multiple entries share the post on Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook

Winner announced Monday, March 21

What are your favorite puppy products? Share them with us!

Have a great Wednesday friends!

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