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Our Wedding

On our wedding day I woke up to the sweetest text from my bridesmaid, Kaitlyn.

She said, “I pray that today be the day you two love each other and the Lord the least.”

Over the previous months there had been so much planning and preparation for our wedding day and now it was finally here… but what I was missing was exactly what Kaitlyn was praying for. Our wedding day was just the beginning!  We were laying the first blocks of the foundation  for the rest of our lives together. Our wedding day wasn’t about the venue, the food, or the invitations, it was rather preparing our hearts to grow in love for each other and God from each day forward.

Our wedding was absolutely perfect! I hope the pictures speak for themselves because words can’t do the day justice!


Photos by: Paper Crane Photo

One of my favorite part of our wedding was my dress! It fit perfectly and was the dress of my dreams! When I went dress shopping back in December I was worried about how we were going to make a dress fit but we found a dress shop in Omaha and most of their dresses are made to custom fit each bride! A few months after they took my measurements they sent us my dress and it fit with only minor alterations needed!


Our bridal party was the best! They are from all different parts of the country, and have greatly influenced us at different times in our lives.  Combined they travelled over 12,ooo miles to spend the weekend celebrating us!


It was so special to have all of our siblings with us to celebrate! We both have been blessed with great siblings who are not only family but our closest friends.





kateandrew-195  kateandrew-197 kateandrew-216  kateandrew-219







My parents have been by my side from the beginning. They are my role models in what marriage is supposed to look like when God is the center of their lives. They were so helpful through the whole process of wedding planning and preparing for marriage. My mother is a wedding planning expert and our day would not have been so special if it wasn’t for their help!





kateandrew-634   kateandrew-651



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your well wishes! We feel beyond blessed to have so many  friends and family members celebrate with us and support us as we start our new life together!

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