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Update on Kate’s Health

Hey Friends!

Andrew and I are so touched by the support from our friends and family during these last few months! There have been so many people who have brought meals, cleaned our apartment, ran errands for us, and filled our life with so much joy! It has been an uncertain and frustrating time for us, but we are confident that God is with us in this situation and He has filled our life with so many blessings.

Many of you have heard about my health issues but if not, here is the spark notes version:

  • We got married on August 15th and had a perfect wedding day!


  • The next day we said goodbye to our friends and family and took off on our honeymoon in Scottsdale!
  • On the first night of our honeymoon my legs went numb during a conversation over where we were going to dinner. We were concerned and confused but figured it was just fatigue from the stress of the wedding, dancing, and running through the airport the next day to catch our flight.

It feels so good to be home

  • When we got home from our honeymoon and the weakness persisted we began to worry that the issue may be more complicated than just fatigue from our wedding day. So we started the process of contacting specialists and setting up doctor’s appointments.
  • We have taken two trips to John Hopkin’s Hospital in Baltimore to see doctors who specialize in achondroplasia, the type of dwarfism Andrew and I have, without any clear answers. However we did get to see my parents each time and found fun things to do to take our mind off of the pain, like watching Tampa Bay blow out the Orioles.  

Catching an Orioles game with my guys before heading back home! So glad they joined me this week in Baltimore

  • The initial prescription was bed rest for a month to see if my symptoms would resolve with more rest. We watched a lot of Seinfeld…..yada, yada, yada

After two months of rest we flew back to John Hopkin’s Hospital last Monday because my symptoms had not resolved. My dad met us there and the three of us saw Dr. Jallow a neurosurgeon. Thankfully, he knew exactly what was going on! He diagnosed it as, lumbar (lower back) spinal stenosis.stenosis-01

In order to correct this I will have to have surgery soon, the doctor will go in and remove the bone that is putting pressure on my spine and relieve the pressure. If there is a silver lining to the situation, it is that the area that will be repaired is in an area where I have already had surgery on so there won’t be any further fusion needed which should allow me to return to the mobility I had before this all started.  We are obviously nervous about the surgery but so thankful for the doctors ability to find the answer for what is causing my symptoms and hopefully relieve my discomfort! We do not know when surgery will be yet, we are waiting to hear when the soonest appointment is available.  Your prayers for something to open up soon are much appreciated!

We had a great day at the hospital and finally got some answers! Thank you so much for your prayers and I will post more on that soon, but I wanted to ask you all to join us in praying for our new friend. We met her at the hospital today, and like us she has achondroplasia and is enduring an intense spinal surgery this week. The thing is she's there alone, and then will be traveling by herself back to Florida alone post surgery. I have had the same surgery before and it's no walk in the park. She is so much braver than I would be and she was smiling the whole time we were with her! So I would love for you to join me in lifting her up for healing this week while the doctors operate and just pray for the best strangers to cross her path on the way home to help assist her! Thank you so much!!

As newlyweds we  have been overwhelmed with the weight of the decisions we have had to make over the last few months. We are so thankful for all of the support our families and friends have given us, we know we couldn’t do this without them.

As I said before, we share our story because we do feel God’s presence and comfort during these trying times and want to bring Him the glory of our life’s journey. 

  We would appreciate if you joined us in praying to get a surgery date as soon as possible! Right now it looks like we will have to wait till January but we are praying for something to become available soon!!

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