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You are a Masterpiece!

After my junior year of college, I spent a month in Florence, Italy.  I fell in love with the city! Everything from the food (I am still dreaming of Italian pizza and gelato) to the people seemed to revolve around the rich history told through the elaborate architecture and extraordinary art. I was in love!


During our first few days we learned the historical narrative of the city as we walked through museums and gazed at architectural wonders. Prior to coming to Italy I had heard about the mystical influence of one statue in particular, Michelangelo’s David.

Florence is filled with some of the most notable masterpieces of art in history. But when I saw the statue of David, I understood the attractive beauty of Michelangelo’s creation. The tour guides, business owners, and locals all had a story to tell about it. It held such an important spot in history. Originally, the statue was placed outside of town hall in the city center. It was fiercely protected during the war; they built an intricate brick tomb to preserve it from any damage. After the war it was placed in Academia, a beautiful museum in order to show off its beauty and preserve it from the elements. Currently hundreds of scientists are studying the masterpiece to find out how to preserve it as long as possible.  Thousands of people travel from around the world each day to see it. It is an inspiration, a magnificent masterpiece.

However, this masterpiece started as rejected piece of marble.

It sat abandoned for over 20 years

No one saw any hope in it.

No artist wanted it.

Except Michelangelo, he saw potential in it. He took it with all its faults and carved the iconic statue we know today!

A week or two into our trip we finally got the chance to visit the Academia museum. It exceeded my expectations! I will never forget standing in front of this statue. I was in awe, never have I felt such an emotional connection to a piece of art. The enormous scale of the statue was overwhelming but it was the emotional strength and gentleness that it evoked that drew me in.

It is a masterpiece.


When I reflect upon the beauty of the statue of David, I am reminded of one of my favorite verses of the bible,

Ephesians 2:10 “ For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

It blows my mind that God considers you and me a masterpiece. He’s telling us, we are one of the greatest, just the way we are.


Being born with a disability, I oftentimes saw the cracks and flaws in my marble. There were times when I found myself wondering why. Why me? Why was I born different and not someone else? I don’t share that out of pity but, don’t we all feel that way at some point?

Not a good enough woman, wife, daughter or friend? We see our cracks and think, I wish I was a little skinnier, more athletic or beautiful.

There are so many voices in society today telling us that we don’t measure up. It’s overwhelming!

I found that God didn’t answer my questions of why, in the way I was expecting, instead he told me I was born this way for a greater purpose. To use that my inadequacies that I was questioning for great and exciting plans. He took my cracks and insecurities and  I was made into a masterpiece to reflect God’s glory in this world.

Friends, I want this to encourage you. It doesn’t matter what others say about you. What is true is only what God says. God knows we are all abandoned marble and creates masterpieces out of all of us.

If you are struggling with comparison or insecurity, I am praying for you! I am with you and understand your pain. Know that God, the creator of all the beautiful things in this world, calls YOU His masterpiece!

You are perfectly made!

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